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Camping Recipes

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Recipe name: Quick and Snazzy Chasseur on a single stove
Recipe description: Ingredients:
1 small baggy of bisto
1 beef oxo
1 small bottle wine(1 small dash for sauce)
bit of sirloin or fillet

1 fry pan or small pot

Couple of Tomatoes chopped (don't worry about skins dice and lob into pan when steak done)
A couple of mushrooms

Pre boil water and store in a cup flask
fry of thin cut steak.When nearly cooked ad the tomatoes and hot water then mix up bisto and oxo into paste and add,gradually to your desired consistency . Add a dash of vino

And who said it all had to be cheesy pasta.

I always carry 'baggies' of all the best erbs. No, not those! Rosemary, Sage, Garlic powder/fresh and corn flour (for macaroni cheese or for a white fish sauce) Saves a fortune and we have eaten out in the best and most exclusive of places :-) like the Dunes of Barra. How much would you pay for a table and a view like that in a restaurant?

Submitted by 2 folk and a Northface Chat and a dug - Appearing near you soon.... from Edinburgh
Date: 23/09/2009

Recipe name: Freshest trout ever
Recipe description: take 1 small 5 piece fly rod , assemble bye the side of the River Sligachan or any small loch or water and commence to fish. Whist that is under way your partner can make tea, assemble kettles and you can gently fish close bye. After circa 45 mins you should have a few small trout ready to bung into some butter and fry up on aTrangia , allowing skins to go golden brown and the fish , just cooked. Each fish is to be in a frying pan bye no more than 3-5 mins out of water. The Cook having first stab.

Not the most practical. But the best of fun :-) feat performed on Skye 2004


Equipment: small travel fly rod
box of flies
1 reel and 1 floating line
nylon 3lbs
1 frypan
Submitted by Rachael, Alan and SamKenkeld from Edinburgh
Date: 23/09/2009

Recipe name: Big Daves Easy Oven Chips
Recipe description: INGREDIENTS
1 x Bag Oven Chips (Best you can afford)
Salt & Vinegar (optional)
Newspaper (Tabloid)

Read the bag and follow the instructions, when ready add salt & vinegar and serve in newspaper.

Submitted by Big Dave from Leeds
Date: 30/08/2009

Recipe name: bramley apple pie
Recipe description: ingrediants needed
bramley apples
1 lemon
Fairtrade white granulated sugar
Shortcrust pastry
how to make it...
mix 4 peeled , cored and chopped bramley apples with a tablespoon of cornflour the zest of lemon and 45g of the granulated sugar. Place in a 1 litre ovenproof dish with a bit of beaten egg and brush the edges with it. roll out 250g of pastry, about 1/2 cm thick ans place over the apple mixture and pinch to secure dish edges.
Brush top with beaten egg then sprinlle with some sugar and then make a hole in the top. Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees celcius, fan160 gas mark 4 for a perfect and traditional Bramley Apple Pie
hope you lot enjoy it as much as i did!
Submitted by sophie mayer from
Date: 12/08/2009

Recipe name: something different to do with sausages
Recipe description: 3 sausages spicey ones are better (2 people)
onion sliced thickly
mushrooms quarted
tin toms
tin veg what ever you have at hand

takes about 45 mins, your camping so you have the time

take the skins of the sausages roll in to balls about 3/4 per sausage
fry until almost golden add onions fry 2/3 mins then add mushrooms cook untill all golden, add toms,veg,hebs and seasoning
heat water to cook pasta/rice when cooked drain and mix all together enjoy:)
Submitted by Nicola Brooks from
Date: 29/07/2009

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